One of our main interests is to research how internet-based cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) can be used to improve treatment and also to make the therapy more accessible. We were the first to report positive findings on internet-CBT in OCD. We are currently running several other studies in this field.

We are currently researching the neurocognitive profile of OCD in a project in collaboration with Valerie Voon at Cambridge University.

Asperger’s syndrome is a common comorbidity in OCD. We are running a trial of a CBT manual for OCD in patients that also have Asperger’s. The study is open for patients in Stockholm and you have to be referred to Mottagningen för Tvångssyndrom.

We are interesting in why some patients express certain symtoms and also if there are genetic underpinnings of response to CBT.

Some results are already out on the serotonin transporter and on COMT in panic disorder patients and more is underway.

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