Karolinska Insitutet

Karolinska Insitutet

Our group has close collaborations with the group led by David Mataix-Cols, with Lorena Fernandez de la Cruz.

We collaborate with several other researchers at KI, such as:


  • Michael Davis, Emory University, Atlanta.
  • Elinor Karlsson & Kerstin Lindbladh-Toh, Broad Institute
  • Andre F. Gentil and Euripedes Miguel, University of Sao Paulo Medical School
  • Jim Crowley, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, department of Genetics
  • Sapana Patel, Columbia University
  • Helen Blair Simpson, Columbia University
  • Ulrike Buhlmann, University of Münster
  • Christine Rummel-Kluge, University of Leipzig
  • Seena Fazel, Oxford University
  • David C Clarke, University of Oxford
  • Caroline Rodriguez, Standford University
  • Randy Frost, Smith College
  • Eva Serlachius, Lund University
  • Simon Cervenka, Uppsala University

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