Karolinska Insitutet

Our group has close collaborations with the group led by David Mataix-Cols, with Lorena Fernandez de la Cruz.

Professor Nils Lindefors and Professor Gerhard Andersson are close collaborators in most of the projects. Erik Hedman, Eva Serlachius and Viktor Kaldo. Professor Paul Lichtenstein, MEB. Professor Martin Schalling and docent Catharina Lavebratt, CMM on several genetic projects. Simon Cervenka, Johan Lundberg and Professor Lars Farde of the PET group on imaging projects on social phobia and depression.


Professor Michael Davis, Emory University, Atlanta.

Elinor Karlsson & Kerstin Lindbladh-Toh, Broad Institute

Valerie Voon, Cambridge University.

Andre F. Gentil and Euripedes Miguel, University of Sao Paulo Medical School

Jim Crowley, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, department of Genetics

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