One of our main interests is to conduct research that enhances the understanding of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and identifying ways to improve treatment for patients with OCD.

To enhance our understanding of what causes OCD, we are currently gathering genetical data from 3000 Swedish patients with the disorder. This is part of a large international collaboration.

Our group has previously reported positive findings on internet-delivered CBT (ICBT) in OCD and we are currently running a study that compares ICBT directly to regular “face-to-face” CBT in a clinical setting. This project is co-managed by Lina Lundström and Oskar Flygare. Data collection is ongoing and we expect to have results published in 2018.

The primary objective is to evaluate whether ICBT is a non-inferior treatment option compared to the best possible available treatment for OCD, individual face to face (f2f) CBT. A second objective is to compare the efficacy of self-guided vs. therapist-guided ICBT. As this question has cost implications for the health system, a third objective is to carry out a health economic evaluation of both forms of ICBT, in relation to the gold standard f2f CBT. A fourth objective is to explore whether ICBT is equally suited for clinic-referred cases compared to self-referred patients. Finally, a fifth objective is to investigate whether genetic markers, in combination with clinical variables, can be employed to predict treatment outcomes with CBT in general.

Research Questions:

  • Q1: Is therapist-guided internet-based CBT (ICBT) for OCD non-inferior to face-to-face (f2f) CBT with regard to OCD symptoms, function and quality of life?
  • Q2: Is entirely self-guided ICBT non-inferior to f2f CBT with regard to OCD symptoms, function and quality of life?
  • Q3: Is ICBT a cost-effective treatment, compared to f2f CBT?
  • Q4: Is there a difference in treatment outcome between self-referred and clinical referred patients?
  • Q5: Can clinical variables and genetic markers be useful to predict which patients will benefit from CBT?

For information on how to enroll in these studies, see https://rucklab.com/for-patients/