ICBT lecture at Cambridge by Rücklab Jesper Enander

The Rücklab Boston-tour continued on Wednesday with a new lecture on ICBT at Cambridge Health Alliance, Macht Center. The introduction by Professor Marshall Forstein, Director of the Adult Psychiatry Residency Program at the Cambridge Health Alliance/Harvard Medical School started with the question “Did anybody hear about the internet?”prof_MarshallForstein_Cam

– and Jesper Enader, psychologist and PhD student at Rücklab continued telling everybody of the evidence and possibilities of this well-known media in psychiatry.


Many interesting discussions arouse about availability of evidence based psychiatric treatment all over the world. The technique can be translated to different languages, endlessly customised and adapted to suit children and even illiterates – the possibilities are huge and costs minimal as compared to face to face treatment. The interest from te audience was huge.


Discussions continues over a pleasant dinner at The Harvard Faculty Club with Nina Shreshta, MD and resident in Psychiatry and James Irvin Hudson, Professor of Psychiatry, McLean Hospital.IMG_2015