Lunenburg day 1

Although Lunenburg is a lot more cloudier than Assisi, the ESRII conference managed to produce a really nice atmosphere. The wednesday started with presentations on what is going on in Europe. Rucklab’s friend prof. Gerhard Andersson was elected to be the president of the ESRII.

The meta-analysis expert Pim Cuijpers started the afternoon with some thoughts future directions for internet interventions.

Rücklab’s friend Sarah Vigerland presented some really promising results on iCBT for specific phobia in children. 8-12 year olds. Results showed a mid to large within group effect sizes, with about the half of the sample not longer fulfilling the diagnostic criteria at follow-up.

Corinna Jacobi then presented data on prevention of eating disorders and several RCT:s showing that you actually can prevent eating problems using iCBT.

Birgit Wagner presented resujlts from a RCT of iCBT for PTSD in Arab war-traumatized patients. 159 persons were randomized to either iCBT or to a waiting list. Results are promising with large effect sizes. Furthermore, it seems that the working alliance predicted better treatment outcome.

Wouter van Ballegooijen presented results from a pragmatic RCT of 126 participants randomized to the internet treatment ”Don’t panic”. Effects show moderate to large effects. However, intention to treat did not reveal any significance.

Annemieke van Straten presented an analysis of internet treatment from a stepped care perspective. Four stepped care RCT:s have been completed in the netherlands, only one with internet therapy and the results are mixed. Consequently, results are not clear.

Frank Snoek presented interesting ideas how to increase adherence in Diabetes patients.

David Ebert presented a Lunenburg initiative with 9 current large scale RCT:s. The aim here is to catch up with the dutchmen and the swedes.

Rucklab’s friend Kristoffer Månsson presented pilot data of an internet-based support system to regular therapy. Results are promising.

The depression expert Ed Walkins did an interesting review of Internet interventions for depression.

Claudi Bockting presented how to treat depression using mobile internet cognitive therapy.

Zarnie Khadjesari finished the day with the presentation ”addressing the barriers to screening and brief intervention for reducing alcohol consumption”.

The day ended with a social dinner and some terrific german beer.


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