Lunenburg day 2

The thursday started with a symposia runned by prof. Pim Cuijpers. Rucklabs Erik Andersson did a presentation about our work in health economic evaluations of iCBT. The presentation went well according to the swedes (and also a swiss) in the audiance.  Right after the morning sessions, Rucklab presented two posters from their iCBT studies of OCD.

Gerhard Andersson presented trials of psychodynamic treatments on the internet. Results seems to be really promising with large effect sizes for generalized anxiety disorder and depression. Furthermore, a new affect phobia treatment has recently been completed with large effect sizes.

After some interesting discussions, we had lunch at Schröders Garten. Unfortunately, Kristoffer Månsson thought he had ordered a genuine local german beer but instead received this green potion.

The afternoon consisted of several presentations from Sweden. Kristin Silfvernagel presented results of iCBT for depression in elderly.’s Martin Kraeppelin presented the lates advances from our clinic. Ulrich Hegerl discussed a new network focusing on preventing depression in youths. Lastly, Marjolijn Sorbi presented data from a recent trial of iCBT for migrane.

Because of lack of flights, Rucklab had to leave earlier but we are looking forward to next years conference which will be held in Sweden.

Rucklab’s correspondent Erik Andersson

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