Six Rucklab presentations at EABCT in Geneva

Rucklab have several representations in Geneva for the EABCT conference. Please come and see us and have a coffee afterwards. Below are our presentations:

Thursday morning symposium (Erik Andersson):

  • “SIG on OCD: Update and recent findings from the research
    and clinical practice”

Thursday afternoon poster session (Erik Andersson & Jesper Enander):

  • “Internet-based cognitive behavior therapy for obsessive compulsive disorder: A pilot study”
  • “Internet-based cognitive behaviour therapy for obsessive–compulsive disorder: a randomized controlled trial”
  • “Testing the specific effects of a booster program: Results from a randomized controlled trial”

Friday morning poster session (Volen Ivanov):

  • “I just can’t let go: Prevalence and heritability of
    hoarding symptoms in adolescence”

Friday morning symposium (Evelyn Andersson & Erik Andersson):

  • “Social anxiety disorder: Brain imaging, genetics and cost-effective treatment via the Internet”

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