New study out: mediators of change in CBT for health anxiety

A new study is out with lead author Erik Hedman. If you wonder why we call him “pekmaskinen” (Swedish for “the manuscript machine”, check Pubmed.

The study is the first to investigate mechanisms of improvement in Internet-based cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) for severe health anxiety. We assessed mediators as well as outcome on a weekly basis throughout treatment among participants receiving Internet-based CBT in a randomized controlled trial. The results showed that reduced perceived risk of disease, less attention to bodily symptoms, and reduced intolerance of uncertainty significantly mediated improvement in health anxiety.The findings have theoretical and clinical implications as they indicate processes that may be causally related to the improvements observed after CBT for health anxiety.

Click the link for the full text:

Hedman E, Andersson E, Andersson G, Lindefors N, Lekander M, Rück C, Ljótsson B. (2013) Mediators in Internet-Based Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Severe Health Anxiety. PLoS ONE 8(10): e77752. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0077752

Erik "Pekmaskinen" Hedman, PhD.
Erik “Pekmaskinen” Hedman, PhD.