End of a trial

Last week we had the honor of being visited by a lab alumni, Erik Andersson. It was time to close and archive our trial where we tested the efficacy of d-cycloserine as an add on to CBT for OCD. You can read the results of that trial here in Jama Psychiatry. Now all the follow-ups are done and it was time to close the trial, send the end-of-trial forms to the Swedish Medical Products agency and to return the drugs to the pharmacy.

It was really a trip down memory lane, remembering how we got APL Pharmaceuticals to produce both the drug and placebo, the massive workload for all approvals and the task of actually get such a big trial done. Broke the bank and got us a few gray hairs. Good news is that the treatment with internet-based CBT in the trial was very helpful for the participants.

Erik saying a a few last words to the capsule before going to destruction.
Still smiling after all these years.