Olly’s ISP seminar

Today, Olly held her individual study plan (ISP) seminar for her doctoral studies. The overall purpose of the studies is to enhance the prediction of health and socioeconomic outcomes in patients with common psychiatric disorders, such as depression and anxiety.

We know that 25-50% of patients with depression and anxiety disorders don’t respond to CBT. These patients may benefit from alternative or tailored treatment formats. We want to explore ways to help them, but in order to do that we need to predict who they are. Existing predictive models of treatment outcome are usually based on clinical data with a small set of predictors which results in low predictive power and limited clinical utility.

Olly’s PhD project will use a big sample from Psykiatri Sydväst’s Internet Psychiatry and predict treatment outcomes for multiple disorders. It will use clinical, genetic and register data to predict both treatment response and long-term socioeconomic disadvantage such as labour market marginalization.

The work consists of four studies.

  • Study 1: Clinical, socioeconomic and genetic predictors of treatment outcomes in internet-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy for depression and anxiety disorders
  • Study 2: Development of a machine learning model to predict response to ICBT treatment at the individual subject level
  • Study 3: Development of a machine learning model aimed at predicting labour market marginalization
  • Study 4: Validation of the model from study 2 in clinical practice

Olly’s main supervisor is Christian, and her co-supervisor is John.

We look forward to this!