Maria Bragesjö new grant and expert in Red Cross committee

Maria Bragesjö has been appointed one of the experts in the Red Cross University advisory committee, a committee with the mission to contribute with external monitoring, expertis and a critical eye at the Red Cross research projects.

She also just received 350 000 kr from Region Stockholm Innovation fund for the development of an internet-delivered CBT treatment for PTSD.

About the project
The overall purpose is to increase accessibility to evidence based treatment for PTSD. The current project is a pilot study is planned to contain n=35 to evaluate the feasibility, acceptability, safety and preliminary treatment effects of the intervention.

There is prejudice that internet-mediated treatment would not be possible to give traumatized individuals, but there is research that it is a safe and effective way to give treatment. In earlier research, Maria and others have shown that this type of intervention is effective and acceptable for newly traumatized patients. In the current study, this intervention has developed to fit patients with PTSD.

If the treatment proves to be effective and acceptable, it would increase the health care’s ability to offer evidence treatment to a large group of patients that today are missing out.

Photo: Micke Sandström

Maria is a Lic. psychologist, PhD, Lic. psychotherapist and a Specialist in clinical psychology. Her research focuses on trauma and PTSD, specifically on early interventions for potentially traumatic events and different ways to effectively treat PTSD and complex PTSD.