Maria Bragesjö receives award for clinical contributions

Maria Bragesjö has received the Swedish Behavioral Therapy Association’s (Beteendeterapeutiska föreningen BTF) award for clinical contributions.

The nomination mentioned Maria’s clinical efforts as a therapist learning and teaching Prolonged Exposure therapy (PE), a specific type of cognitive behavioral therapy that teaches individuals to gradually approach trauma-related memories. It also acknowledged her research focusing on developing early interventions for trauma and PTSD, including the CIPE (Condensed Internet-delivered Prolonged Exposure) method.

Maria Bragesjö is a lic. psychologist, PhD, lic. psychotherapist, a specialist in clinical psychology and psychological manager at the Trauma Program at Psykiatri Sydväst. She joined the research group in September 2021 and registered as a postdoc in January 2022. Her research focuses on trauma and PTSD, specifically on early interventions for potentially traumatic events and different ways to effectively treat PTSD and complex PTSD.