Review and debate on exhaustion disorder

Recently, a number of members of the research group together with colleagues from the Stress Research Institute at Stockholm University, published a scoping review on exhaustion disorder where they gathered all empirical studies of exhaustion disorder. The review showed that the existing state of knowledge is scarce and the authors concluded that more research is needed to build a solid knowledge base for exhaustion disorder.

Today, May 13th, the authors also debated the subject in Dagens Nyheter “The exhausted must have access to the right care” (in Swedish), highlighting the fact that new criteria are being developed without first being scientifically evaluated, arguing that there is a great risk for unsafe care and unneccesary suffering for the patients.

The authors are Elin Lindsäter, Frank Svärdman, John Wallert, Ekaterina Ivanova, Anna Söderholm, Robin Fondberg, Gustav Nilsonne, Simon Cervenka, Mats Lekander and Christian Rück. They are affiliated to Karolinska Institutet, Stress Research Institute at Stockholm University and the new in-formal research network Stockholm Stress Collaborative.

Click here for the review Exhaustion Disorder: A Scoping Review of Research on a Recently Introduced Stress.

Click here for the debate article.