New publication: Implementation of ICBT for OCD in UK’s IAPT system

Another new publication by Oskar Flygare et al!

Implementing therapist-guided internet-delivered cognitive behaviour therapy for obsessive–compulsive disorder in the UK’s IAPT programme: A pilot trial

Digital therapies such as internet-delivered cognitive behaviour therapy (ICBT) can improve treatment access for patients with common mental disorders, but are rarely used in the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme in the United Kingdom. The objective of this study was to evaluate an evidence-based ICBT intervention for obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD-NET) in three IAPT services in an open trial.

Consecutively referred patients with a primary diagnosis of OCD (= 474) were offered OCD-NET. Symptoms of OCD, depression, anxiety, and level of functioning were measured weekly throughout treatment.

In the full intention to treat sample (= 474), the intervention was associated with large reductions in self-reported OCD symptoms (d = 1.77), anxiety (d = 1.55) and depression (d = 0.8), as well as improvements in functional impairment (d = 0.51 to 0.72). Further, 35% of participants were in recovery at their last assessment, 25% achieved reliable improvement and 15% met criteria for both recovery and improvement. Among participants completing at least 4 modules (= 261), corresponding to an adequate ‘dose’ of treatment, the rates of recovery (44%), reliable improvement (34%) and reliable recovery (21%) were higher. A majority of participants were satisfied with the online treatment and found the online materials helpful.

OCD-NET is an effective treatment when delivered in regular care within the IAPT system. Challenges associated with implementing ICBT in regular health care are discussed.

Rates of recovery, reliable change, and reliable recovery using the first and last assessments on the OCI-R and PHQ-9

Om psykoterapi, pandemi och utmattning – Christian Rück gästar podden Sinnessjukt

Christian Rück – psykiatriker, professor och forskargruppsledare – gästar de senaste två avsnitten av podcasten Sinnessjukt av Christian Dahlström. I avsnitten avhandlas allt från internetpsykiatri och den brittiska IAPT-modellen till diagnosen utmattningssyndrom, kritiken mot processen bakom den samt lovande studier med KBT-behandling mot utmattning.

Dessutom får han svara på frågan vilka forskningsområden han tycker är de mest under- respektive överskattade.

Avsnitten finns att lyssna på där poddar finns, eller i webbläsaren här och här!

English translation: Christian Rück, psychiatrist, professor and research group leader, is participating in the Swedish podcast Sinnessjukt, talking about internet psychiatry, the IAPT model and the Swedish diagnosis “exhaustion disorder”.