Sofia Jägholm talks about hoarding on TV4 Nyhetsmorgon

Sofia Jägholm participated in TV4 Nyhetsmorgon, Swedish morning news and talk show, and talked about the on-going recruitment to the Joining Forces randomized controlled trial.

The study aims to determine the clinical efficacy of in-home decluttering (delivered by a team from a social service unit) augmentation of group CBT for reducing hoarding severity in adults with hoarding disorder. 

Participants will receive protocol-driven group CBT for HD for 12 weeks. After group CBT, participants are immediately randomized to one of two trial arms. In the experimental arm, participants receive 10 weeks of in-home decluttering. In the waitlist arm, participants receive no intervention but fill out questionnaires with identical procedures as in the intervention group. 

Hoarding disorder is a mental disorder on the OCD-spectrum. It is characterized by significant difficulties of discarding or parting with possessions and strong urges to save and often also strong desires to acquire items. Together, these symptoms result in the accumulation of large amounts of items that are kept in a disorganized manner at home, to the degree that normal use of the space is difficult, causing significant impairment in function. 

Click here to watch the clip online at tv4play (in Swedish).

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