Volen och Sofia i SVT’s Samlarna

The documentary Samlarna is now up on SVT Play. Samlarna is a film by Linnea Widén about hoarding disorder, portraying people with problematic hoarding behavior. Volen and Sofia are participating in the film, in a task force meeting where different partakers working with hoarding disorder meet and work together.

Hoarding disorder is still a relatively unknown disorder, especially considering that as many as 2,5 % of the population is believed to suffer from it. The film include portraits of people living with this condition. We believe that this documentary play a role in increasing knowledge about the disorder and the patiens struggling with it.

We are currently conducting a study testing a new treatment for patients with hoarding disorder. The new treatment consists of a combination of CBT and home de-cluttering. We compare the treatment with CBT only. Read more about the study here.

The documentary is already up on SVT Play, and broadcasted on SVT1 on Thursday, January 19th.

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