New radio documentary miniseries “Hoarders”!

The new radio documentary miniseries “Hoarders” is now available on Swedish Radio P1. Hoarders is a three-part docuseries following people suffering from hoarding-related problems, exploring available remedies and support, and including the perspective of close relatives to hoarders. Volen Ivanov is featured in the documentary to lend his perspective on hoarding and provides information on effective types of treatment. 

In connection with the release of the first episode, Volen Ivanov was also featured alongside documentary director David Ohlsson, and Hanna Danmo in Studio One to give more information on the documentary miniseries as well as provide more insight into the problem both from the clinical and practical perspective, which can be listened to here.

Hoarding disorder is still relatively understudied, and it is believed that as many as 2,5 % of the population suffers from it. It is promising that hoarding has been spotlighted over the past couple of months, including in the SVT documentary Samlarna, released earlier this year. We are still actively recruiting for our study, testing a new treatment for patients with hoarding disorder. Read more about the study, and about how to apply, here.

All three episodes are available on Swedish public radio (Sveriges radio) and can be accessed by clicking the links below. All episodes are in Swedish.