In Dagens Nyheter, Hanne Kjöller cites Elin Lindsäter et al.’s scoping review about what we know about exhaustion disorder, in a chronicle about externalizing illness.

Exhaustion disorder is the single most common sick leave diagnosis in Sweden. In other countries it does not even exist.

The disorder was introduced into the Swedish version of ICD-10 in 2005, and still exists only in Sweden. The development of the diagnosis has been criticized by members of the Rück research group, mainly because it lacks the scientific basis that usually is required for a diagnosis to take form.

Since the introduction of the diagnosis, the use of it has increased rapidly. It is today almost as prevalent as depression and currently accounts for more long-term sick-leave reimbursement than any other single diagnosis in the country. Ultimately, both patients and tax payers suffer from our lack of knowledge about the condition.

Click here for the scoping review on exhaustion disorder.